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Glass Vs Acrylic. What Exactly Is the Difference?
Fixed skylight models are cheaper than acrylic. Custom glass skylights cost more than custom acrylic skylights.
The View
Glass skylights have a near perfect transparency rating. Acrylic by it...s nature. can add a wavy distortion to the view and are usually tinted bronze.
Durability Glass
Has factory seals that are warranted for ten years by the manufacturers. Acrylic needs to expand and contract from thermal expansion and this wears out the gaskets that hold the acrylic dome in its frame. And acrylic will yellow and get brittle over time.
Tempered glass tends to survive punishment better than acrylic. Glass has to have its edges protected inside a sturdy frame and can survive most hailstorms. Acrylic will not hold the same weight as glass can...think snow load.
Acrylic skylights use 1980...s design technology. The better ones will have thermal break (which separates the interior and exterior thermally) aluminum frames. however glass has much better thermal insulation standard in every skylight.
Glass is flat low to the roof. giving a streamlined look. while domed acrylic skylights stand out and look out-dated.
Glass is much better insulated. and reduces unwanted outside noise by up to 50% less than a acrylic skylight.

In our opinion from thirty-five years of experience. glass skylights are better. and what we always recommend.

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